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St Andrew’s Psalter Lane Church – Charity Policy


Each year, we give 5% of our income to a range of charities. In 2024 this will amount to: £8,360.


This is the money that we give as a community, over and above the individual gifts during the year for various appeals. An important expression of Christian discipleship, our giving is in response to the abundance of God’s good gifts. We give because we serve a giving God.


The charities are carefully selected by the Ecumenical Church Council and reviewed annually at the May meeting. We seek to balance giving between organisations that draw their funds mainly or exclusively from the Church, local charities, UK charities, and charities with a wider, overseas focus that are efficient in their use of funds. We seek to ensure that the charities reflect our ecumenism, our desire to support both old and young and that cover a variety of social justice needs.   


Church-based 25%

USPG (Church of England Mission Society) 12.5%                                        1040.00

Methodist Fund for World Mission 7.5%                                                         630.00

Methodist Home Mission Fund 5%                                                                     420.00


Sheffield Focus 25%

Fir Vale Food Bank 7%                                                                                            580.00

City of Sanctuary 5%                                                                                               420.00

SYRLI (South Yorks Refugee Law and Justice) 5%                                            420.00

Parson Cross Initiative 4%                                                                                     340.00

Sheffield Young Carers 4%                                                                                     340.00


UK Focus 25%

MHA 6%                                                                                                                      500.00

Church Action on Poverty 6%                                                                               500.00

Arocha UK 6%                                                                                                           500.00

One Body One Faith 3%                                                                                         250.00

Roundabout 4%                                                                                                        340.00


Overseas Focus 25%

Christian Aid 12.5%                                                                                               1040.00

All We Can 12.5%                                                                                                   1040.00



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