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Family and Children Report 2023

A Report on Children’s Work


A group consisting of Rev Naomi Cooke, Lydia Hutchings, Anna Calvert, Rachel Morris, Alastair Morris, Julie Jordan-Brown and Judith Roberts has met several times since Imogen left in the autumn with a view to continuing appropriate children’s activities in the church.


Together with a gradually growing team of volunteers, the group is aiming to:


  • Ensure there is always provision during a Sunday morning service for any children in attendance;
  • Encourage greater participation in morning worship for our children;
  • Explore other ways that our children can meet in fellowship with each other and the whole congregation.


To achieve this with the limited time, people and resources available, it has been decided to trial various new and different things including:


  • Stopping the Sunday 2 worship format in favour of moveable all age worship services which Naomi is also able to lead on occasion;
  • Revamp the smaller back room and make it a friendly, welcoming place for our children;
  • Use a simple rota of at least 2 volunteers for other Sunday mornings (more volunteers are still needed for this!);
  • Create an area in the nave of the church where children feel at home during a service.



April 2023

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