Peace and Justice Report

Justice and Peace Report to St Andrew’s Psalter Lane Annual Church Meeting 2022


Once again the year was in a degree of lock down. That  being the case, there was a limited range of collective activity although contact was well maintained through the weekly newsletter and bi-monthly Nexus. These enabled a focus on key local, national and international issues..


Support for both Baby Basics and St Cuthbert's Food Bank was maintained through drops at homes of key supporters and latterly through church collections. 

Donations were made to Christian Aid, both the annual collection and the special appeal for Haiti. 


The annual collection for HARC, in lieu of Christmas Cards took place and there was a good response to the refurbishment of City of Sanctuary’s premises..


There were meetings regarding the Methodist Church proposals within God in Love Unites Us, recommending marriage of same sex couples, which were strongly supportive while recognising the difficulties for LEPs. 


There is a wide recognition within the church of the very many concerns of social justice at present: poverty, the hostel environment for refugees; increasing limitations on the right to protest and of course the environment. This is the context in which we are beginning to embrace the Walking with Micah project in the year ahead. 


Anne Hollows

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