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How to join St Andrew's Psalter Lane Church

How to join St Andrew's Psalter Lane Church

     If you decide you would like to join us on a regular basis, you can fill in a form, available in church, giving your name and contact details. The Minister will make a 'getting to know you' visit at home and you can then be enrolled as either an Anglican or Methodist member, or as both - a Joint Member. 

     Some people may enrol as a 'Friend' rather than a 'Member' when, for different reasons, they are not ready to become full Members but wish to be counted as part of our community.

     What follows is the same, whether you are Anglican or Methodist or Joint, Member or Friend.

     First, you will be placed in a 'Church Links' group - this means that your Church Link, another member of the church, will keep in friendly touch so that they can offer support if needed. This means that there is good contact and care throughout the church community. Your Church Link will also give you your regular copy of our 'Nexus' magazine - to read a current copy of Nexus, see here.

     Secondly, you will be encouraged to pledge to give on a regular basis towards the life of the church, either by weekly envelope or by banker's standing order. The church simply could not continue without the generous giving of its members.

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