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What kind of Church are we?

What kind of Church are we?

    We are ecumenical - Methodists and Anglicans united in a single church. We try to represent the best aspects of our two traditions, but also to move beyond them in a creative way.

    We aim for a style of worship that is relaxed, friendly and suitable for all ages (although we also have separate activities for children), but with opportunities for quiet and concentration.

    The music and hymns we use range from the formal and traditional through to the popular and informal, but are neither 'High Church' or 'Charismatic'. The quality of words and music are important to us.

    In sermons and discussion groups, our congregation members like to be fed spiritually and challenged intellectually. We seek God's way, asking today's questions, listening to the Spirit and making use of the biblical and Christian traditions.

    We try to keep our minds and hearts open, as far as possible, to the world around us:

     - People are welcome to join us for as much or as little as they want to. While we hope that they will find the way of Christ life-giving and want to follow it with us, the last thing we want is to create any sense of obligation or guilt.

     - All kinds of people, with different interests and lifestyles, are welcome in our fellowship.

     - We accept that it is legitimate for people in our community to have doubts and questions about faith.

     - We are happy to make our facilities open to community groups.

     - We have enjoyed close ties with Clifford All Saints Church of England Primary School and wish them well in their move to the Ringinglow Road site.

     - We have links of respect, faith and collaboration with other local church groups and faith groups.

     - We seek to promote ecologically responsible ways of living, and have achieved two 'Eco-Congregation' Awards and a silver 'Eco Church' Award.

     We aim, through our Church Links scheme, to help those who join our community to feel that they really belong.

     The church supports local, national and international charitable and community projects.

     We believe it is important that the life of the church can help each member to make a Christ-like contribution to the world in their everyday lives.

     We have an 'open table', which means that everyone is welcome to take Holy Communion, although we would encourage adults who have not yet been baptised or confirmed to consider preparation for this.

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